Profile on Style: Stepping into a new season

Profile on Style is a weekly post that explores the motivations behind GW’s fashion trends. We’ll show you the most interesting aspects of GW style, and then try to make some sense of it all. Keep your eyes open for a reporter and photographer walking around because you might become the latest trendsetter…or trend-killer.

This post was written by Hatchet reporter Lindsey Brenner

Sam Kallevig wears his sneakers year round, while Maury Nolen prefers to step out in chestnut boat shoes.
It’s that time again—the awkward transition between seasons. Too warm for boots but too cold for flip-flops, it can be difficult to choose what shoes to step out in thistime of year.

How do GW students solve this conundrum? Multi-seasonal and practical shoes like Sperrys, Keds, Converses and Nikes are great options for both men and women seen on many campus fashionistas.
Sam Kallevig, a senior, sports comfortable Keds-style sneakers into the fall, even though he prefers to wear them with shorts.

Sperry boat shoes are also a favorite among both men and women for an off-season shoe. Maury Nolen wears his chestnut Sperrys on a regular basis nowadays. He prefers his Sperrys to many other shoes, but his one complaint about them is their lack of water resistance.

Pete Van de Beek steps out in dark brown boat shoes, but Roger Nahum opts for red-on-black Nike high tops.

“I wear my sneakers in the rain,” said Nolen, a senior.

Pete Van de Beek, a sophomore, wears his brown Sperry boating shoes throughout much of the year.

“They’re comfortable and they match everything,” he said.

In contrast to the preppy style of Sperrys, Roger Nahum, a sophomore, rocks his red,  white, and black colored Nike high tops throughout the majority of the year.

In true Nike spirit, Nahum’s response when questioned about his reasons for his shoe  choice: “Why not? Just do it.”

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