Special Diet: Veganism

What it means

This eco-friendly diet entails omitting all animal products from your diet including meat, fish, honey, eggs and dairy products.

J Street options

I spent $7 at J Street on the much-advertised vegan bar, which rarely alternates from its staples of hummus, chips, vegan couscous and grape leaves. The bar leaves few alternatives for hungry students besides a salad for lunch and dinner.

For a mere $4, I cooked up a spicy corn-veggie surprise, which was so much more satisfying than lunch. As a sophomore and a temporary vegan, having a kitchen was a blessing. Being a vegan freshman, on the other hand, would be a totally different ball game.

The bottom line

Vegan GW students often complain about the limited vegan options at GW, and praise the beauty of having Trader Joe’s at their fingertips. GW could do with a few more options at J Street to satisfy vegan freshmen who don’t have kitchens to fall back on.

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