Profile on Style: Longchamp Invasion

Profile in Style is a weekly post that explores the motivations behind GW’s fashion trends. We’ll show you the most interesting aspects of GW style, and then try to make some sense of it all. Keep your eyes open for a reporter and photographer walking around because you might become the latest trendsetter…or trend killer.

This post was written by Hatchet Reporter Sara Murali

They’re on the benches in Kogan Plaza. They’re on the stairs in the Elliott School of International Affairs. They’re sitting on a seat on the Vern Express. It’s official: Longchamp bags have long since invaded GW’s campus.

Sure, they’re everywhere, but what exactly is their appeal? For most GW girls, this popular bag is the perfect everyday tote for a busy college student.

“They are great for class because they match with everything,” according to sophomore Kate Hoffman.

Longchamp totes offer a variety of neutral tones, which are appealing to many college-age women because they are able to get as much use out of them as possible.

The large size of the Le Pliage tote, our campus’ most popular style, is also alluring to several Longchamp devotees. For sophomore Abbie Howard, the fact that they are enormous is a big plus.

“It’s so easy to find everything I need,” she said.

Hannah Robinson, a freshman, went so far as to describe her tote as “a Mary Poppins bag.”

Many students agree that Longchamp bags can be used for a variety of activities from social outings to just lugging textbooks to class. However, those are not the only reasons why so many girls purchase them.

Ashley-Lynn Goldstein, Hatchet Photographer

“They also work for going to the beach, the gym or overnight trips,” said sophomore Barrie Ginsberg.

But do these totes hold up over time? Robinson swears by her Longchamp tote.

“I’ve had this one for four years and use it almost every day,” she claimed.

Ashley-Lynn Goldstein, Hatchet Photographer

Now that we’ve established that these tote bags have an overwhelming presence on GW’s campus, will the trend stick around for years to come?

According to several students, the bags are here to stay. Sophomore Mia Geronemus referred to the Le Pliage as a “classic staple item.”

However, some believe that Longchamp bags will eventually be replaced just like their predecessors. Robinson believes another bag will hit department stores and steal the spotlight in the near future.

While we are unsure of what the future holds for Longchamp bags, they are clearly making a mark this semester.

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