Rohwer: Dating Don Draper

Sophomore Kelsey Rohwer, a Hatchet columnist, urges GW students to take a break from hooking up and instead go out on dates.

It’s Thursday, meaning that for students who don’t have Friday classes, and for many of those who do, tonight is the start of the weekend. This coming weekend marks the third of the fall semester. That’s right, guys and gals… there’s only been three. And I have one question for you: If you can manage to navigate the blurred memories of the past few weekends, how many people have you hooked up with so far?

Let’s clarify. Using the term “hooking up” may not mean having sex. After all, a 2001 study of women on college campuses found that, “Three-fourths of respondents agreed that a ‘hook up’ is ‘when a girl and a guy get together for a physical encounter and don’t necessarily expect anything further.'” I define “hooking up” as a make-out session, occasionally with a little extra. But clearly the phrase “physical encounters” leaves room for imagination.

So what’s your number? Two, three… six? Now, another question: How many dates have you gone on in these past few weeks? And no, a J Street lunch with the guy or girl from down the hall doesn’t count.

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