Staff Editorial: Give students more options for printing

It is that time of the semester again when students are adjusting to classes, working through long lists of required readings and are actually attempting to stay on top of those readings. With this early-September motivation, students are flocking to the available printers in Gelman Library, and as a result, most students have to wait in long lines for a computer and printer to open up. We do not expect this overcrowding to end, and given the deficit of printing spaces across campus, the situation could worsen throughout the semester. The first-floor computer area in Gelman is a perfect example of computer space that students will readily use, and the overcrowding and long waits can be alleviated by establishing more printing spaces across campus.

The easy accessibility and convenience of the printing center on the first floor of Gelman is the model that works well for students. But it is not large enough to accommodate all the students who want to use it. The computers do not require logins and students can quickly stop in and print required readings or a paper in between classes. But the long lines for a computer or a printer are making printing time-consuming and inconvenient.

The problems with the long lines in Gelman can be remedied by simply duplicating the printing areas of first-floor Gelman elsewhere on campus. Students will appreciate and use more options, such as a printing center in the Elliott School of International Affairs or Phillips Hall. This would eliminate the bottleneck effect that plagues students who try to use Gelman’s resources, and would prove beneficial for students at this point in the semester and when the early-September motivation fades.

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