Staff Editorial: Immaturity in Ivory Tower

Walking through Ivory Tower on a Saturday night is starting to feel like visiting a condemned building.

The halls are covered in white dust from the gaping holes left where ceiling tiles formerly stood. Bulletin boards have been ripped from their hooks. Trash litters the stairways, carpets and elevators. According to GW’s University Police Department, it has received reports of four different cases of destruction in Ivory since the beginning of the month.

This vandalism needs to stop.

The University is wasting valuable time, labor and money to fix the damages caused by students. These actions are extremely immature and reflect poorly upon the student body.

Though Ivory residents in the past have seen their share of vandalism – it has plagued the hall since it opened in 2004 – the current state is appalling.

Students who witness an act of vandalism in the building should notify UPD so that this destruction can end. It is the responsibility of both residents and non-residents of Ivory to help keep the building safe and clean for everyone who calls it home.

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