Junior launches political blogs for a younger crowd

After launching a cross-partisan political blog last summer that has garnered a 30,000 average monthly hit count, junior Conor Rogers is unveiling three new blogs – a breaking news ticker, an LGBT rights debate forum and a blog spotlighting young activists.

Rogers’ initial creation, The Politicizer, is an online political magazine offering voices from all sides of the political spectrum targeting young people as its audience. It is currently in the process of becoming a nonprofit, with the goal of publishing in an effort to educate young Americans.

Now, Rogers said, the website will move forward and launch an instantaneous ticker component called Spark, through which writers and readers can actively share comments on issues and events as they transpire.

“The Politicizer is long-winded and runs longer articles that take a few days to write, so it never attaches the breaking news aspect,” Rogers said. “We were missing a fast-paced aspect, a place where you could log in and post what you saw on TV or what you thought about a speech that was just made.”

Spark will have a staff of 20 writers who will be able to express their opinions through quick articles immediately after events occur. The ticker premiered online Sept. 1.

Early Risers, the new online magazine that highlights activists, specifically seeks to point out those who are under 30 years of age, including those running for office.

Rogers said Early Risers, which will be launched through Rogers’ political consulting and publishing firm, R&M Political Group, will feature “people who basically are excelling beyond what you would expect from people their age.”

First to be highlighted by the website was Krystal Ball, a candidate running for a congressional seat in Virginia’s first district. Ball will become the youngest woman to serve in Congress if elected.

The LGBT rights debate forum, developed under the name The Equalizer, is slated to run starting Sept. 13 and will apply gay rights to The Politicizer’s format.

“As a staff, The Politicizer sat down and thought about the difference between our generation and the older generation,” Rogers said. “What we noticed is [that] our biggest difference was on the LGBT issues.”

The Equalizer’s content will reach both liberals and conservatives and discuss the differences of opinion among different generations when it comes to issues of equality.

“They’re all cousins,” Rogers said. “Spark is going to be linked to The Politicizer and the LGBT forum will be more independent and built on a new staff out of respect for the fact that we do all have opposing views.”

All writers on staff for each website will be college-aged or recent graduates to remain in tune with the theme of expressing the voice of younger generations.

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