Freshman Orientation Guide: Financial aid

The Hatchet pulled together an at-a-glance list of GW’s scholarship and financial aid programs. With over 200 scholarship options, this list is not exhaustive but will get students on the right path toward lowering that post-graduation debt.

GW-Affiliated Opportunities

The Board of Trustees Scholarship:

This scholarship is available to academically excellent students who also demonstrate eligibility for need-based assistance according to the University’s financial aid policy. Similar in nature to the GW Guaranteed Grant policy, the University guarantees the scholarship for up to 10 consecutive semesters of undergraduate enrollment. The maximum award amount is $20,000.

Activity Awards:

Students who demonstrate excellence in the arts, music, speech and debate, or who are leaders in qualifying campus organizations are eligible for activity awards. The amount awarded varies depending on the activity.

Endowed Scholarships:

There are a number of endowed scholarships within the University. Contact administrators in your individual school for more information.


Federal Pell Grants:

Federal Pell Grants are available to students who demonstrate exceptional need. Awards for the 2010-2011 academic year vary depending on the federal need analysis results and the number of credit hours taken by the student. Note that to be eligible, students must list GW’s school code – 001444 – on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. If this slipped your mind while filling out the form, you can call the Federal Student Aid Information Center at 1-800-433-3243. Awards vary from $1,176 to $5,550.

Non-GW Affiliated Scholarships

Associate Vice President for Student Financial Assistance Dan Small advised students seeking outside scholarships to be wary of any organization that seeks an application fee or makes guarantees of obtaining free scholarship funds in exchange for a finding fee. Small recommends students use credible websites, such as or, to search for award opportunities.

Listed below are some outside scholarships and grants incoming freshmen might be interested in:

The Gates Millennium Scholarship:

Students are eligible for a GMS scholarship if they are African-American, American Indian or Alaska Native, Asian and Pacific Islander American, or Hispanic American. Students must be long-standing or legal residents of the United States and attain a cumulative GPA of 3.3 on an unweighted 4.0 scale or have earned their GED. Students must be enrolled at an accredited college or university and demonstrate leadership abilities through participation in community service, extracurricular or other activities. Student must have also met the Federal Pell Grant eligibility criteria. According to its website, the program awards a specific amount to each recipient based on financial need and the total cost of the University in which the student is enrolled.

Navy ROTC Scholarship:

Students interested in joining the military after college may qualify for an NROTC full-tuition scholarship which includes all fees, a stipend for textbooks, uniforms, and a monthly allowance. Tuition for the 2010-2011 academic year totals $42,860. Students need to meet specific temporal, physical and academic requirements to be eligible for a NROTC scholarship. As scholarship recipients, students sign an agreement with the Navy for at least four years on active duty, among other requirements. The Navy program is held on GW’s campus but students can also join Army or Air Force units while being GW students.

Scottish Rite Foundation Scholarship:

This scholarship offers awards to selected students who demonstrate academic excellence and an affiliation with the Scottish Rite. Separate application forms are required for new applicants and students. The award amount ranges from $10,0000 to $20,805 per year.

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