Kothari: Expanding the right way

Sophomore Yogin Kothari, a Hatchet columnist, applauds the NCAA for moving to the 68-team tournament model instead of the proposed 96-team model.

The day before Duke faced Butler University in the final round of the NCAA March Madness tournament, many college basketball fans were focusing on a photo printed in the Indianapolis Star of Duke University coach Mike Krzyzewski as a blue devil. But fans may have missed the news that NCAA officials were looking to expand the traditional 65-team tournament to a new and unprecedented 96-team format.

By April 1, NCAA Vice President Greg Shaheen outlined a detailed plan for the new tournament, from logistics and revenue distribution to how much time the players would have in between games to attend classes.

Thankfully though, this plan did not materialize. On April 22, the NCAA decided against expanding to an 80 or 96-team format, choosing to add three teams to the annual big dance. The more modest 68-team proposal, which had been floated earlier, was a welcome surprise decision by the NCAA and one that should please players, coaches and university officials. It should also please CBS Sports and the newest member to the NCAA broadcast team, Turner Broadcasting.

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