Friedman: Revisit the internship for-credit policies

Freshman Gabrielle Friedman, a Hatchet columnist, urges GW to alter the way students go about getting internships for credit.

As summer approaches, half-naked guys play football in University Yard, paper assignments pile up and talk of summer internships abounds. As this is GW, where internships are prevalent among students, many of us will be spending the next few months getting coffee and typing letters for bosses. And while interns are participating in something rewarding that will build their resumes and help their transcripts, GW’s internship for-credit policy taints the process with complicated paperwork and over-the-top fees.

The policy is plagued with flaws, from having to pay a large amount of money for an internship to having to do class-related work for the credit, on top of the already busy schedule of an intern. Because of the policy, it is easy to see why some students might settle for the no-credit option by simply partaking in an internship for the experience. But students should not have to settle, and GW should revisit the policy in order to make the experience more rewarding for students.

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