Dlatt: SA elections from an insider’s perspective

Sophomore Bradley Dlatt, a Hatchet columnist, critiques GW’s Student Association election process from an insider’s view.

For most of us, Student Association elections are a yearly headache. They represent a time of year when we each go out of our way to avoid getting palm-carded in Kogan. We also have to deal with that annoying kid in our hallway, class or student org who just won’t leave us alone about supporting “candidate X” because he or she “is really cool and has great ideas!” Last year, I was in the majority of people who really just did not care and saw this entire process as pointless. This year, that all changed. I went from the furthest on the outside someone can be to right in the middle of the madness as a campaign manager, and it has changed the way I look at my experience at GW.

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