Staff Editorial: Another strike for Sodexo

As if Sodexo’s reputation as GW’s food service provider has not been marred enough, one more strike can be added to the list. In a comparison of prices, The Hatchet found that at times, prices at on-campus providers are sometimes twice as high than at off-campus grocery stores.

Though many students may have noticed that prices for food at J Street are higher than at CVS or Safeway, the fact that they can be $2 or $3 higher is disconcerting. A few dollars more on each trip will add up, especially considering the current dining plan that requires freshmen and sophomores to spend a certain amount of money as a part of the contract with Sodexo.

Last year, Sam Ramos, Sodexo’s director of operations at GW, said he cannot buy in bulk like grocery stores can – effectively making produce and goods at J Street more expensive. While this may be true, we still believe that the discrepancy between J Street and other campus-area venues is unacceptable.

Charging students too much for basic amenities at J Street does not bode well for Sodexo and GW’s relationship. This latest complaint represents yet another strike against GW’s food service provider, and makes us wonder when substantive dining changes will finally be made.

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