Social media site tasked with connecting GW crushes

GW students can now secretly post their romantic feelings for one another through GoodCrush, a public online forum where users can write messages to their crushes in the hopes of discovering mutual attraction.

The Student Association brought GoodCrush to the University in February, and the service was first announced by SA President Julie Bindelglass at a meeting last month. More than 20 universities across the nation are already affiliated with the site, including Princeton University and Yale University.

Sam Free, SA director of diversity affairs, said GoodCrush’s purpose is to make it easier for college students to be honest with their crushes, whether they know them or not.

“It’s all anonymous. Unless it’s a mutual thing, no one’s going to know,” Free said.

Princeton alumnus Josh Weinstein founded the GoodCrush Web site in 2007. The “About us” section of the Web site says that GoodCrush “eliminates potential awkwardness and shyness from romantic interactions by offering simple, fun, and exciting ways to turn your crush into a GoodCrush – a match.”

There are two options for finding your crush on GoodCrush. Students can use CrushFinder and submit five crushes monthly, and GoodCrush will then connect the user with his or her crush if the crushee has submitted the user as a crush as well.

Another way to find a match is similar to Craiglist’s “missed connections,” where students can post a recount of a moment on a message board and wait for the other to respond.

Karen O’Neill, a sophomore at Princeton University, said that she still has not seen the Web site work as it is intended to.

“The point is for people to date after they meet or find each other on GoodCrush. That’s all well and good, but I still haven’t seen a date come out of it. I think it mostly stays in cyber space,” O’Neill said.

Free said she has been getting mixed feedback about the Web site.

“There are a lot of people that say, ‘wow,’ but there are also a lot of people that are apprehensive about using the site. It’s endearing yet creepy all at the same time,” she said.

Some GW students are more hesitant than others to use GoodCrush.

“In my humble opinion, they should call this GoodStalk,” Sahil Doshi, a sophomore majoring in international affairs, said after going to the site.

One student compared GoodCrush to FormSpring, another social networking site that has been known for its use of anonymity to get more users.

“It sounds like it could be even creepier than Formspring,” said Victoria Surós, a sophomore. “If I use FormSpring I don’t see why I wouldn’t use this site,” she added.

There are currently seven missed connections posts on the GW section of GoodCrush that name familiar campus locations from Gelman Library to the Foggy Bottom Metro.

In one male-to-male post, a user said, “I’m that redhead that gets on at Metro Center and always has to bolt when we get to Foggy Bottom. This is at least the 4th time in the last week or two that we’ve been at the same door of the same car together. Our eyes locked again today, but I’m not sure if you even noticed me… at the risk of sounding too much like a sappy movie, if you did and it happens again, say hi.”

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