For President: Jason Lifton

For Executive Vice President Jason Lifton, it’s about maintaining the momentum of this year’s Student Association.

“A year is not enough time to really get things done in the Student Association,” Lifton said. “Coming into this, I’ve got a leg up because I’ve already worked with everybody that I will be continuing to work with.”

Class: Junior
Major: Political science and business
Hometown: Port Washington, New York

Clubs/Activities: Sigma Chi fraternity, GW Sailing Club, GW Hillel

Top three platform goals: Reform advising, Increase study space, Revise student organization financial process

Previous SA experience: Current SA executive vice president, 2008-2009 vice president for Community Affairs

Reason for running: A year is not enough time to get things done in the SA.

How did you spend snow week? A lot of shoveling snow in front of the Sigma Chi house, a lot of sleeping late and a lot of walking through the city.

Were you at the GW-GU Snowdown? No, I slept through my alarm clock because I’d been up the whole day shoveling snow.

If elected president of the SA, Lifton said he will make working with GW’s new provost a top priority, bringing academic advising to the forefront of the administration’s mind.

“Academic advising is clearly a huge issue,” Lifton said. “We’ve focused on a couple of key things an adviser needs to hit,” including requirements for majors and minors as well as general student concerns.

He also wants to take on student academic technology fees, calling the several-hundred-dollar price tag to rent a projector “completely absurd.”

“It’s a completely ridiculous burden for student orgs,” Lifton said, adding that this year, the SA bought a projector for students to use at no cost.

Lifton emphasized that he will continue to be a visible presence and maintain communication with students.

“I think people will see that I’m around campus. My job is to work for students,” Lifton said.

As for the SA’s less-than-stellar reputation among students, Lifton acknowledged that some of the “useless” and “unnecessary bureaucracy” charges are fair.

“I’ve been around for a year,” Lifton said. “I’ve seen the successful and unsuccessful parts of this organization, and I know what needs to be done to improve them.”

Lifton also defended the organization, saying there are students who “legitimately work very hard” and “who aren’t just there for their own good.”

Ultimately, as a rising senior, Lifton said he wants to leave GW “better than [he] found it.”

“There are clear ways the University needs to work,” Lifton said. “I’m in the position to continue, rather than start over.”

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