Style File: Tights are not pants

Fashion trends are continuously changing on campus, look to our run-down on each new trend to see if it has lasting potential and how each student can pull it off.

Post written by Hatchet reporter Christian Ewing

Don't let your tights take the place of your jeans. Photo by Ed Yourdon under creative commons license

Ladies, there’s no easy way to say this, so here it goes: tights, even if you want to call them leggings, don’t cut it as bottoms. In fact, when you step out in just tights and Ugg boots, we can all see everything we could see if you were naked from the waist down, but just in a different color.

However, tights and leggings do have a tasteful place in your wardrobe. Shirts don’t cut it, but shirt-dresses do very nicely. Pair your most comfy black leggings with the new khaki drawstring dress shirt from Gap for utilitarian chic.

Leggings solo comes off trashy, but so do bare legs with a scandalously short skirt. Combine the two to get the best of both worlds! Printed tights like the guns-on-blue patterned pair from Betsey Johnson teamed with a poly-mesh black skirt from American Apparel makes for a sexy nighttime silhouette that’s

Wear your tights under a pair of shorts instead, adding a pattern to your look. Photo by Nancy says under creative commons license.

winter weather appropriate.

Spring fever coming earlier than warm weather? Venture into a pair of flouncy springtime shorts like the draped, wool Westcott short from J.Crew over your favorite colorful or patterned tights to bring a little warmth to your winter wardrobe.

If you just can’t be without the bare naked-on-bottom feeling, opt for leggings like Burberry Prorsum’s ruched cotton-jersey leggings which available on They have just enough texture that innocent bystanders don’t see more than you’d like them too because, yes ladies, you can wear these as pants.

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