Staff Editorial: From snow days to make-up days

During last week’s storm, a certain rhythm seemed to develop from Monday to Thursday. Students lazily did homework until the cancellation of classes was announced, followed by elation across campus. But in the wake of that historic storm, many students are visibly angry about the University’s decision to hold make-up classes through this semester’s reading days, including the following Saturday. While this is an inconvenience for students, it is also the best solution for the problem of missed classes.

The simple truth is that GW missed too many days of school to not hold make-up classes. This left the University with few options, none of them particularly good. GW could have chosen to cut the days from spring break, an option that would have interfered with countless travel plans, leaving students without a much-needed vacation. Some students have also discussed pushing the school year back. Between the logistical nightmare of changing Commencement plans and again interfering with student travel plans, this would have been a nightmare decision. Eliminating reading days at the end of the semester will leave students with less time to study, but it is less likely to create the kind of issues the other options might have.

In their frustration with this decision, some students have joined a Facebook group, named “Boycott Disastrous GWU Snow Make-up Schedule.” We are in complete opposition to this group’s premise. The University made the right call, and with several months to go before exams, the claim that students will not be able to adequately prepare is unfounded.

It is safe to say that students generally enjoyed last week’s snow days. Now, we have to face the fact that those days need to be made up, as inconvenient as it may seem.

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