SpotlightOn: Kate Meroski

Already a veteran of the GW theater scene, sophomore Kate Meroski has acted in several plays and choreographed “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” last semester. Meroski took time off from directing Forbidden Planet Productions’ rendition of “Closer” to talk with Hatchet Arts.

Hatchet Arts: Greatest accomplishment so far?
Kate Meroski: Theatrically speaking, my greatest accomplishment so far has been getting onto the FPP board, and avoiding a mental breakdown over the process of directing a show.

HA: Favorite show you’ve been in at GW?

KM: I’d have to say that appearing in Rocky Horror freshman year and choreographing it this year have been the highlight of my college experience. There’s something about simulating sex in your underwear in front of hundreds of people that just sticks with you.

HA: If you were unable to act or direct anymore, what would you do?

KM: If I couldn’t act or direct, I would choreograph! Or just sit in a chair during rehearsals and judge people silently. However, if I was banned from all aspects of performance I think I would like to be a secret agent.

HA: What can always make you smile?

KM: Georgetown Cupcakes and “30 Rock” are the two things guaranteed to make me smile. Pretty much anything involving food and me being sedentary. Also, when my cast texts me at all hours with lines from the show.

HA: Favorite quote from “Closer”?

KM: In the interest of keeping it PG, I’ll give you one of my top quotes from “Closer,” which happens during the strip club scene: “Lying is the most fun a girl can have without taking her clothes off. But it’s better if you do.”

HA: Who or what inspires you?

KM: I think my biggest inspiration comes from my dad. He’s the funniest person I know, sort of a hybrid between Dr. House and Liam Neeson from “Taken.”

HA: Why do you love theater?

KM: Theater is wonderful because you can be a completely different person than who you are in reality. And I love all the lights, glitter and costumes that go along with it, although there isn’t much of that in “Closer.” Let’s be honest, theater kids love the spotlight.

HA: Why are you at GW?

KM: Originally I was at GW to be a lawyer and secret agent. I wanted a college with as little trees and grass as possible. Then I found FPP, so now I’m at GW to spend as much time with my FPP family as possible. I have two more years to figure out my actual life, thank God.

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