Staff Editorial: A fleeting moment

“Today we woke up to a revolution of snow/its white flag waving over everything/the landscape vanished/not a single mouse to punctuate the blankness…” wrote the two-term poet laureate of the United States, William “Billy” Collins. These words have never seemed truer than when we awoke Wednesday to a third onslaught of snow.

The revolution of snow, coupled with the crippling of the city, has forced classes to be canceled. Through the boredom and isolation, students have likely spent the last few days seeking refuge in alcoholic concoctions and life’s more tempting pleasures. But with emergency services inhibited by the weather, it is now more than ever essential for students to enjoy the last days of winter weather responsibly.

As the city deals with the aftermath of these storms, weather services are predicting another possible snowstorm Monday. Given the conditions, it is likely that students will spend even more days confined indoors. Realistically, students are running out of sources of entertainment and work in equal measure. This could lead to dangerous situations.

The ever-present hazards associated with heavy drinking are only heightened during extreme weather. Poor road conditions hinder the ability of EMeRG and other medical services to respond to emergency calls. But simply drinking too much is not the only danger. Although it may seem counter-intuitive to call 4-RIDE when it is primarily operating as a walking escort service, the risk of blacking out while walking in the snow is very real.

Aside from the spiked hot chocolate, students will inevitably find other, more intimate ways to pass the time. Students should remember that house proctors and scholars have supplies of condoms – including flavored varieties for the more adventurous residents. In addition, if D.C. Snacks is operating, they include a condom with every delivery.

We want students to enjoy the snow responsibly, but that shouldn’t cause them to lose focus on this unprecedented winter weather and resultant school closings. It would be a waste not to take advantage of the time off, enjoying the company of friends and snowball fights. Take in the moment, because it is fleeting.

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