Delays complicate SA campaign schedule

The race for the top spots in the Student Association is picking up, but this week’s snowstorms could shorten the official campaigning period.

The Joint Elections Committee proposed a revised election timeline on their Web site Tuesday night that could push the candidate registration period back one week to Feb. 16 and 17, postponing “postering day” for three days until Feb. 19, while keeping the same general election dates of Feb. 24 and 25.

“The JEC Charter requires registration to occur on class days,” Jake Chervinsky, chairman of the JEC, said. “As a result, it is impossible for us to hold registration during snow days.”

The JEC will hold a meeting on the next official class day to vote on the proposed schedule. If the general election dates stay the same, the period between registration and election would be around eight or nine days – far shorter than previous years.

Chervinsky said he doesn’t believe a shorter campaigning period would have a “tangible effect” on the election.

“The only difference with a shorter campaign period would be fewer violations,” Chervinsky said.

Despite the registration uncertainty, five candidates have publicly announced their campaign for the presidency or executive vice presidency.

Current Executive Vice President Jason Lifton announced a widely expected bid for president, emphasizing that his role in the SA this year would give him unique experience for the job.

“I have really learned how GW works and I’ve learned how to navigate the red tape that seems to mummify our university,” Lifton, a junior, wrote on his Facebook group.

Xochitl Sanchez, a self-described “SA outsider,” has so far been the surprise candidate for president. Sanchez, also a junior and a member of last year’s Colonial Cabinet, also launched a Facebook group to support her candidacy.

“We’ve given people within the Student Association the time to lead, and now it’s time for a new kind of leadership: one that gets things done,” Sanchez wrote.

Current SA Sens. Logan Dobson and Josh Goldstein have both declared their intentions for the executive vice presidency. Rob Maxim, a junior and 2008-2009 Secretary of the Senate announced he is running for EVP as well.

Dobson, a junior, debuted his campaign with the motto, “No More Tools,” – a common slight against the Student Association. Goldstein, a sophomore, called this year’s failed constitution overhaul a message that students are tired of the SA distracting itself with internal matters.

All of the candidates’ Facebook groups are currently closed due to Joint Elections Committee rules, which prohibit active campaigning prior to postering day.

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