Spring Break Guide: Staying Home

There may be snow on the ground but spring break is right around the corner. Not sure what to do? We’ve put together five options for a vacation, all at different price levels to suit any budget.

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It might be that the prospect of escaping to Florida, California or Cancun might seem too typical, or it might be that the best relaxation comes from being at the place most familiar to the senses. Maybe it’s just the idea of spending nearly $1,000 for one week that seems a little outrageous to you. Either way, for those who use spring break as a chance to go home, there are still lots of things to do, even if they are initially overlooked.

Even when at home, spring break is still an excuse to take trips to sights unseen and places undiscovered. Play tourist. Go to your local bookstore and pick up a travel guide for your area, such as Lonely Planet. You may discover places you never knew before. Pick up a copy of Weird U.S. to search for the local oddities that haunt your local town, and have fun getting lost in the process.

Explore the great outdoors. That new years resolution you’re still working on? Why not get a workout by taking a hike? Visit the local recreational office and see what trails are around your area. You may need to take a bit of a drive to get out there, but grab a friend, your dog and some packed lunches to make it a fun day.

Of course, home is also a place to escape the hectic schedules and busy lives many students lead. To do this, simply catch up on some much-needed sleep or unwind by spending a whole day in the bookstore, with your phone turned off. If you get into the feeling of being off the grid, start a new project – big or small – and enjoy the pervasive lack of constant interruption.

Sometimes the best way to enjoy being at a place where you have no obligations is to rediscover the ease of life without them – temporarily, of course. When there is nothing to do and no one else is around, break out the old Sega Genesis or Super Nintendo (or download older games to a new Wii) and relive your childhood memories. Get hooked on a TV marathon until the wee hours of the morning, before giving in to the inevitable snooze.

Finally, if all else fails, do homework. Though it may seem like the least appealing option, come the return to school it will get you ahead of your fellow students who were partying on the beaches of Lauderdale or catching the rays at Malibu. After all, many would prefer coming back to class well-rested and prepared rather than forcing their hand at that one paper with a suddenly approaching due date after break’s end.

How much does it cost to go home?

Flight/train/car ride home: Most likely paid for by your parents

Accommodations: $0

Entertainment and shopping: Depends on the person, estimate $200

Total: $200

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