Spring Break Guide: Ski Resort

There may be snow on the ground but spring break is right around the corner. Not sure what to do? We’ve put together five options for a vacation, all at different price levels to suit any budget.

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Scoff at the idea of tanning? Prefer doing something rather than sitting around? Then a ski vacation might be more your pace. Spring break is the perfect time to hit the slopes because the mountains are still packed with snow and there are lots of options for cheap packages that include lift tickets, lodging and plane tickets. Since we get the whole week off, plan on going in the middle of the week to avoid weekend rates.

While you could venture out to places like Colorado, there are some great ski options closer to home. One of the best and closest is White Tail, two hours northwest from the District. For around $274 you can get a three-day ski rental and pass. For even cheaper rates, check out some hotels and inns in the area offering discounted ski rates if you book a room through them first. (For a more old-style, romantic lodge feel, check out Mercersburg Inn, where rooms start at around $160 a night.) You can also get four-person rooms at the White Tail Inn for around $150, which makes it around $37.50 per person a night.

Not quite sure how to ski and don’t want to get stuck on a black diamond trail… or not even sure what that is? Group ski lessons are available at Whitetail for around $38.

A car is pretty necessary in the area, so look to rent, or hit home first and borrow from a friend.

As for food options, there are several at the resort itself, and other restaurants in the area, although it’s often just as fun to buy some groceries and spend time with friends cooking for yourselves.

If you want to get a little more out there, try Inertia Tours, which offers complete packages for a spring break ski trip to Breckenridge, Colo. The Colorado ski package offers five nights of lodging and four days of lift tickets. By booking through the company, you’ll get discounted lessons at $80.

The company also offers combined condo and airfare packages so that you don’t have to worry about booking a flight. Flights can also be booked out of Dulles airport. If you choose the trip with airfare for four people, sharing one room at a medium-priced condo, the total price per person is $978, not including food and entertainment.

How much is the total per person to White Tail?

Gas for the trip: $40

Three day ski package: $274

Hotel for four nights:$150 (assuming four people to a room)

Food and entertainment for four days: $150

TOTAL: $614

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