Pazdon: Marijuana should be a medicine

Sophomore Andrew Pazdon, a Hatchet columnist, argues that medical marijuana dispensaries should be opened in Washington D.C.

If my 93-year-old grandmother lived in a state where medical marijuana wasn’t verboten, she would be able to use medical marijuana to help with her glaucoma and her chronic arthritis. My father told me this not that long ago because of pending legislation in the New Hampshire General Court. Apparently, when he told my grandmother this fun factoid, she asked about the delivery method for this new-fangled medical cannabis. He responded that he had heard that back in the day, circa the late ’60’s, hippy hoodlums would bake their dope into brownies, consume and wait for the effects. So, he suggested she could bake her medical marijuana into her much-loved cinnamon rolls and enjoy with breakfast. I immediately looked up two things: her recipe for cinnamon rolls and what medical marijuana is used to treat.

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