Spotlight On: The Vermilions

Rock trio The Vermilions have been playing together since 2007. Although they’ve done shows all over the D.C. area, one of their latest gigs was at the closing reception for an art exhibit at Smith Hall, the theme of which was (appropriately) the color red. Members Jeremy Flax, Dan Hanyok and master’s of fine arts candidate Evan Hume took some time off from rehearsals and touring to talk with Hatchet Arts.

Who are some of your musical influences?

Jeremy Flax – vocals, lead guitar: The White Stripes, The Sonics, The Stooges, MC5, Link Wray.

Evan Hume – bass, rhythm guitar: My favorite album is “Astral Weeks” by Van Morrison.

Dan Hanyok – drums: Hendrix, Zeppelin, James Brown and any artist on Stax records.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

JF: Doing a collaboration with Carlos Santana.

EH: Trying really hard to be Bruce Springsteen.

DY: In space. If not, I will settle for a decent teaching job and an active part-time music career.

If you were unable to play music anymore, what would you do?

JF: Work at a burrito shop.

EH: Join Nickelback.

DY: Learn to draw and create my own comics.

What can make you smile?

JF: The opening notes to Bob Dylan’s “The Man In Me” that opens the movie “The Big Lebowski.”

EH: David Lynch.

DY: I am pretty much smiling all the time no matter what. I am afraid sometimes that it comes off as creepy.

Greatest accomplishment so far?

JF: Probably just being as tight a band as we are. I’m proud to say that we are very seldom “off.” I’m very proud of some of our most recent recordings, as well.

EH: That time we got a large novelty check.

Greatest show yet?

JF: I’d say one of our first shows in Fredericksburg last year at this place called The Loft. The room was great and it was full of people who were really into it and we got an encore. That one’s up there.

EH: A house show we played in Richmond last summer with our friends [the band] Menya from NYC.

DY: First show at The Loft.

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