Spotlight: Saturday night’s a cappella battle

If a cappella is your thing, then Saturday night should be a delight. The Vibes, the Pitches and the Sirens each have their annual Winter concerts in the evening. If you can’t magically make it to each of the shows, we asked the groups’ directors why their concert is the one worth checking out.

What are you looking forward to in your upcoming concert?

The Vibes’ Erica Manoatle: What’s interesting about [this show] is that we have six new members. The group has really changed from last year and we have a lot of new freshmen and sophomores, so it has gotten a lot younger this year.

The Sirens’ Liza Helfand: Every two years the Sirens record an album, and this January we’re going to be recording an album, so we’re trying to raise a little bit of money for that.

The Pitches’ Leah Wilner: We’re having the concert recorded by a sound engineer so it’s going to be made into a CD. People can go on our Web site or can contact us and we’ll send you a CD. It’s a great way to show all the work we did; we meet three times a week [to rehearse] so now we can show off that hard work.

What makes your group unique on campus?

V: First off, we’re one of only two co-ed groups. We [also] stand out because of our attitude towards music in general. We’re a group that loves to perform and rehearse and we’re also really easy going about it.

S: Like other groups, we’re a bunch of musical girls that like to get together and make music. But we like to really mix it up and have a lot of fun and really put on a show.

P: We’re the oldest all-female a cappella group, started in 1996. We like to do fun contemporary songs that we arrange only ourselves. And we’re awesome.

Favorite song your group performs?

V: This semester it’s “Roses” by OutKast because I think it displays that we can do something that is a difficult song to mimic a recording of.

S: “Ramble On” by Led Zeppelin and that’s our favorite that we sing because nobody expects it to come from us.

P: I would have to say my favorite song is “Sweet Ones” by Sarah Slean.

Can the audience expect any surprises during your concert?

V: In terms of new voices they’re going to get to hear from some people who they might not have seen as much from before, younger members from our group. There also is a rap verse in one of our songs, so they’ll be hearing some rap.

S: Every winter show we have raffles or giveaways, so there are always surprises. And we love audience participation. Every year during the winter concert we always pick a couple of people to serenade and usually our alumni come and sing with us. We try to get everyone involved and have a good time.

P: We have a guest group coming from the University of Delaware. It’s an all-guys group so that makes a really nice contrast with the all-female a cappella. Oh, actually there might be another surprise, now that I think about it, but if I say what it is, it won’t be a surprise.

Last words on why kids should come see your group on Saturday night…

V: I think every a cappella group is very talented, but I think the Vibes are set apart by how fun we are. When you come to see the Vibes, you are going to laugh, enjoy the music, recognize most of it, and have a good time.

S: Any one of the shows will be amazing, but our show will be really great! We’re expecting to have fun, lots of new music, dressing up, audience participation, and a general good time.

P: I’m sure that the Sirens and Vibes will have a good concert. Kids should see us perform because I know for a fact that our repertoire is awesome and we’re going to be singing great. And we have the best stage on campus at the Jack Morton Auditorium.

Saturday Dec. 5 at 7p.m. the Sirens will take the Marvin Center Amphitheater stage while the Pitches perform in SMPA. At 8 p.m. the Vibes will be in the German Church.

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