Staff Editorial: Looking for more leadership from the Dining Services Commission

Ask students what their concerns are with the University, and many will put dining options at the top of their list. As the key liaison between the student body and the University dining program, much of the responsibility of addressing complaints falls on the Student Association’s Dining Services Commission.

But this year, the DSC has made little to no progress toward achieving the same amount of success it has in the past, indicating that it is time to revaluate the current situation and possibly move a different student into the role of DSC chair.

Current leadership of the DSC falls under commission chair Kim Neu, who after only adding a microwave to J Street, has admitted she was na’ve in her original goals. Granted, dining is a complicated issue, as strict union contracts with provider Sodexo dictate how much of J Street operates. But past DSC chairs were able to make progress, like pushing for lower prices of fruit and adding a significant number of new GWorld vendors to the program.

The lack of progress is also linked to the poor decision of appointing Neu to the position. Julie Bindelglass should have realized the position of DSC chair calls for a knowledge of the complaints students have with dining, and an understanding of the position’s responsibilities.

But not enough has been done to remedy the situation. Dining is too important to the student body for the DSC to have had little role in the few changes that have been made. When the chair of the DSC is not aware of new additions to GWorld, something desperately needs to change.

Looking to next semester, either Neu needs to work toward achieving tangible goals, or a new chair needs to step into the role. The DSC is a lifeline between GW’s dining program and GW’s students, and it is time for those involved to recognize this and act accordingly.

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