Will Stratton

No Wonder (Stunning Models on Display)

No Wonder, the second album by singer-songwriter Will Stratton, evokes a feeling of pure happiness. While it can be defined as indie-rock, his style moves beyond the typical guy-with-a-guitar genre. Listening to his album, you feel like you’re lying in a field of grass staring at the sky. If you’re into a mellow sound that melts your problems, this album is for you. Definitely worth a download.
-Kate Meroski


Raditude (DGC Records)

With the release of Raditude, Weezer fans have something to celebrate. This latest album, the seventh the band has released since its formation in 1992, has all the elements that have popularized such past Weezer songs as “Beverly Hills,” and “Buddy Holly.” The Raditude songs are true to the band’s original style, characterized by catchy choruses, and quirky lyrics. All of the tracks, including the more serious ballad “Put Me Back Together,” are decidedly upbeat. With the help of strong drum rhythms and the electric guitar, many of the songs portray amusingly honest stories of getting into relationships. -Hannah Traverse

The Black Hollies

Softly Towards the Light (Ernest Jenning Records)

For those who grooved during the era of the Beatles and the Who, a nostalgic journey back to the highly cherished 60s will surely accompany the purchase of this newly released album, “Softly Towards the Light.” From their home base in New Jersey, the young and retro quartet The Black Hollies has impressively succeeded in reviving the psychedelic aura that encompassed the original British Invasion. Between their mellow vocals, energetic instrumentals, and dated outfits, one would expect to see band members walking across Abbey Road of London, not necessarily along a street in Jersey City.
-Paloma Aelyon

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