Rohwer: Don’t wait for Prince Charming

Kelsey Rohwer, a freshman majoring in journalism, argues that Disney has played in important role in the national divorce rate.

Two strangers meet on the dance floor. They share a song, falling in love in the process. The next day they get married… or something like that.

Sounds like a typical Vegas shotgun wedding right? Actually, it’s the synopsis of the classic Disney movie Cinderella. At the royal ball, Cinderella and Prince Charming do not even speak to each other; they share a single dance, staring into each other eyes as they waltz through moonlit palace gardens. And then she splits at midnight. The very next morning, he stalker-ishly holds her shoe hostage, tracks her down and pops the question. Poof! ‘Happily ever after’ in under two hours.

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