Staff Editorial: Townhouse issues resolved

Last month, Senior Vice President for Student and Academic Support Services Robert Chernak announced that the University would forgive the fines issued to Greek-letter organizations for failing to meet summer housing quotas. This week, senior administrators announced that the quotas themselves would be lowered for future summers. These are commendable University efforts to alleviate student concerns and foster a better line of communication with the Greek-letter community.

Administrators in SASS and GW Housing Programs took significant steps toward targeting issues with the current contracts, which are set to expire this year. Chernak and Director of GW Housing Programs Seth Weinshel said Wednesday that the required summer occupancy levels would be lowered from 95 to 70 percent, and the price of a summer bed in Townhouse Row would be reduced by $600, all while trying to provide more incentives for Greek-letter organizations to fill their houses.

A previous Hatchet editorial noted the required 95 percent occupancy level and the hefty fines were purely unreasonable, and that Greek-letter organizations felt they could not articulate their concerns to GW’s administration. The University’s recent actions are laudable and hopefully signal improved relations between the two groups in the future.

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