Students for Justice in Palestine build ‘peace wall’ in University Yard

Photo by Chip Hennessey/Hatchet photographer
Photo by Chip Hennessey/Hatchet photographer

This post was written by Hatchet Reporter Jenny Suzdak

Updated at 9:14 p.m.

Students for Justice in Palestine sought to raise awareness of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict by building a wall of peace in University Yard Friday.

Members built two walls for their ‘Bringing Down the Wall’ event, meant to symbolize the two walls that enclose the Palestinian territories.

Officially named the Israeli West Bank barrier and Israeli Gaza Strip Barrier -the former being the more notorious barrier – the walls span 436 miles and 25 miles, respectfully, and are made of concrete and several layers of both barbed-wire and vehicle-barrier trenches.

These walls persist despite the International Court of Justice’s declaration that they are illegal.

In University Yard each of SJP’s walls had a mix of graffiti, facts and pictures of the actual walls, meant to gain the intentions of passers-bys.

One comment read, “In my previous life, I was the Berlin Wall… the beer was better over there.”

Further down a poster reads, “between 2000 and 2006, at least 68 Palestinian women gave birth at Israeli checkpoints —35 of these women miscarried and five died in childbirth.”

SJP president Ashley Heacock said there was “maybe one” negative comment.

The organization has no political affiliations and each member has their own opinion on the situation—and solutions, Heacock said.

SJP planned the event to bring attention to the humanitarian crisis in Palestine.

Senior Davis Woodruff said, “people get bored, journalists move on,” but people in Palestine people continue to suffer.

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