Crime Log

Burglary II

10/3/09 – Staughton Hall – 4:50 a.m. – Case closed

University Police Department officers responded to a report of an unknown male individual throwing a fire extinguisher against the side of Staughton Hall. Upon further investigation, officers found damage done to the first floor, including a hole punched in a door, and fire extinguisher spray all around the area. The subject had been previously barred from campus for a disorderly conduct charge in Thurston earlier in the semester. He was arrested and transferred to Metropolitan Police’s Second District station. Closed by arrest.

Disorderly affray

10/2/09 – Corner of 21st and F streets – 2:50 a.m. – Case closed

UPD responded to reports of a fight on campus. Upon investigation, it was found that two male students had exchanged words characterized as “name calling” that escalated into physical harm. One student was transported to GW Hospital. The other was arrested and transferred to the Metropolitan Police Department’s Second District station. Closed by arrest

Disorderly conduct

10/1/09 – Thurston Hall – 10:40 p.m. – Case open

UPD officers responded to a call from students who were on an elevator when a male subject began to act disorderly by yelling. The subject left the elevator before officers arrived. UPD took reports and an investigation is ongoing. Open case

10/2/09 – 2021 K Street – 2:20 p.m. – Case closed

UPD officers responded to a report from a GW Medical Center building that a patient had tried to force his way into an office when he discovered his appointment had been cancelled. Medical Faculty Associates requested the case be handled internally and the subject was released. Referred to MFA

10/4/09 – 23rd and H streets – 4:30 a.m. – Case closed

UPD responded to a report of two unknown intoxicated males riding The Vern Express from Mount Vernon to Foggy Bottom. Officers observed one of the subjects urinating in front of The Vern Express stop. The subjects, neither of whom were affiliated with GW, were assessed, found not to be a hazard to their own safety and released. Subjects barred from campus


10/3/09 – Off campus – 10:00 p.m. – Case closed

A female student complained to UPD that she had received a phone call from an unknown subject who claimed he got her number from Facebook. The subject went on to say he was interested in her and when she rebuked his advances, he began to yell at her. Off-campus incident

Liquor law violation

10/3/09 – Philip Amsterdam Hall – 2:05 a.m. – Case closed

UPD responded to a report of an intoxicated female student in the lobby of Amsterdam Hall. She was assessed and transported to GW Hospital. Referred to Student Judicial Services

Simple assault

9/29/09 – Ross Hall- 6:40 p.m. – Case closed

UPD responded to a report of an assault. After taking statements, officers discovered that the male complainant and a female subject, both medical students, were arguing. The male left and the subject followed him outside of Ross Hall, where she slapped him in the face. Referred to GW Medical Center

Unlawful entry

10/2/09 – South Hall- 4:15 p.m. – Case closed

UPD responded to a report of an unknown male subject who entered the residence hall when a resident his or her own keycard. After walking around the halls, he left. Officers identified the subject by descriptions given by complainants. Subject barred from campus


10/4/09 – 21st and F streets- 12:39 a.m. – Case closed

Officers observed a male student taking a compromising picture of a female student being transported to GW Hospital by DC Fire/EMS. The officers made the subject delete the photo. Referred to SJS

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