Spotlight On: Three Kids, One-Acts

From babies to leather, nothing is off limits in the Fourteenth Grade Players’ Welcome Back One-Acts happening this weekend. Hatchet Ars put student directors Joe Kirkwood, Christianne Liongson and Leah Gravius under the spotlight before their plays open in the Lisner Downstage at 8 p.m. on Thursday night.

Why you chose the scene you’re directing:

Christianne: It’s classic, it’s witty, and it’s bound to make the audience hilariously uncomfortable.

Joe: I wrote it, so I think I would have been miffed if I had snubbed myself.

Who or what inspires you:

J: Hard-hitting college journalism.

C: Salvador Dali and acoustic guitars. Not necessarily at the same time.

Greatest accomplishment, so far:

Leah: I’ve had two plays I’ve written performed in theatres back home.

J: Technically this “Spotlight On” because now I can probably Google myself successfully. Yeah, I don’t get out much.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years:

C: Finding out how I’m going to get my next meal.

L: Hopefully, I’ll be working in some sort of law firm. Fingers crossed.

J: 10 years? Go away.

If you were unable to do your art anymore, what would you do:

L: I would cry. Literally.

J: Pursue realistic goals.

What can always make you smile:

C: Cats, puppies, kids, and dead baby jokes.

J: Watching someone try to put on the second strap of their backpack when they’re not really paying attention, and seeing their arm flail at nothing as they miss repeatedly. I would pay top dollar to watch a channel that showed only hidden camera footage of this phenomenon.

Why you are at GW:

C: In Hawaii, we never had changing seasons. In GW, the leaves change color, and the January wind freezes your hair just in time for your 9:35 discussion.

Favorite quote from your play:

J: “Sometimes the tears of babies are the saddest tears of all.”

C: “Mmmmm.”

L: “Wait, you mean 10-year-olds in leather?”

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