University promotes safety at event in University Yard

More than a dozen safety organizations shared information about everyday safety risks at the Safety Expo in University Yard on Wednesday.

Police, fire, paramedics, risk management promoters, web fraud officials, and even pet awareness volunteers gathered at the Safety Expo to demonstrate how each aspect of one’s life carries a discrete risk and how to be prepared.

The first 500 attendees were invited to assemble a free safety kit with latex gloves, band aids, a whistle, water and antibacterial wipes.

Officials from the University Police Department, Metropolitan Police Department, Department of Health and others approached as many students as possible and expressed their concern for student safety and ways to help students avoid dangerous situations.

“The way they present what they have to say is very accurate and helpful in the long run,” said Junior Megan Watson.

All this safety information might seem irrelevant now, but when a disaster strikes, “the old evacuation drills come in handy,” a firefighter said to students.

Freshman Mona Herold said she was attracted to the event by the products being given away, but said she soon learned “they give you a lot of information that’s actually very helpful.”

A representative from the D.C. Fire Department was busy convincing students to use battery-operated candles instead of the more dangerous ones with an actual flame.

“Believe it or not, candles are one of the more common causes of major fires,” she said.

She handed out flyers explaining what to do on a step-by-step basis if trapped

Students were given a chance to wear the “beer goggles,” a pair of glasses simulating how one sees when highly intoxicated. With these goggles on, participants were asked to try to walk in a straight line, a simple task many students found themselves unable to do.

Student Technology Services and Information Systems and Services talked with students about how to be prudent and conscious while browsing the web.

“You don’t share your passwords the same way you don’t share your toothbrush,” one STS representative said as he gave away free toothbrushes.

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