Letters to the Editor

A deficit of student debt coverage

As I picked up a copy of The Hatchet last Monday, I was struck by the page one article on the high amount of debt carried by GW students. Thinking that this is a big and important story, I flipped back to the opinions section to see what was being said about the issue. However, I found not a single opinion piece on student debt. Instead, the vast majority of the editorial page was taken up by dueling views on gay marriage.

Don’t get me wrong, gay marriage is an issue of national importance. But The Hatchet is a student newspaper, charged to “serve the George Washington Community.” Are we really better served when The Hatchet wastes space with student views on national issues rather than issues that affect every graduate of GW?
Logan Dobson, a junior majoring in political science, is a Student Association senator (CCAS-U).

Helping the curve

In Dependent on dealers for grades” (Sept. 17, p. 4), Evan Schwartz is wrong that Ritalin and Adderall increase students’ GPAs. From my observations after three years at GW, methylphenidate abusers are procrastinators who cram the night before an exam. High-achieving students, on the other hand, manage their time well, keep up with the reading, and go to class. So no, I don’t feel cheated when a classmate takes a concentration pill; I’m thankful that he or she is helping the curve.
Zachary Baum is a senior majoring in history.

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