Crime Log

Disorderly Conduct

9/10/09 – 1959 E Street – 11:40 p.m. – case closed

University Police Department officers responded to a complaint that an unknown subject was throwing orange peels out of his or her window. Officers canvassed the area in question and interviewed residents, but were unable to identify a suspect. No identifiable suspects

9/12/09 – Thurston Hall – 1:47 a.m. – case closed

UPD officers responded to a call about a male student ripping papers off the walls in a hallway. Officers conducted a sobriety test and found the subject intoxicated. The subject was transported to GW Hospital. Referred to Student Judicial Services

Drug Law Violation

9/12/09 – Fulbright Hall – 11:44 p.m. – case closed

UPD officers responded to reports of a suspicious odor coming from a room. Residence hall administrators were notified and conducted a search of the room which found four packets containing heroin residue and a packet containing marijuana residue. Marijuana paraphernalia was also found. Referred to SJS


9/13/09 – Off Campus – multiple times – case open

A student filed a report with UPD claiming that unauthorized charges had been made with his GWorld card at two carry-out restaurants. Case open

Liquor Law Violation

9/13/09 – 2200 block of I Street – 1:55 a.m. – case closed

UPD officers observed a male individual unaffiliated with GW carrying a female student. Officers found the female to be intoxicated and she was transported to GW Hospital by D.C. Fire and EMS. Referred to SJS


9/10/09 – Marvin Center – 12:40 p.m. – case closed

UPD received a report from a female student who claimed that she walked into the Marvin Center with her wallet and cell phone in her purse. When she left the Marvin Center her wallet and phone were missing from her bag. No identifiable suspects

Simple Assault

9/11/09 – Thurston Hall – 2:15 a.m. – case closed.

UPD responded to a noise complaint coming from the hallway. Officers separated two male students who were shoving each other and arguing about a previous altercation. The students were interviewed and released. Referred to SJS

9/13/09 – Ivory Tower – 5:20 p.m. – case closed.

UPD responded to a report made by a student who claimed he was assaulted by his roommate. Officers arrived on the scene and interviewed witnesses and the subject. The officers conducted a sobriety test and found the subject to be under the influence of alcohol. The subject was then transported to GW Hospital. Referred to SJS

Theft I

9/9/09 – Building JJ – 8:04 p.m. – case closed.

A student reported to UPD that she witnessed a man stealing a bike in front of Building JJ. Two UPD officers pursued the subject for at least two blocks on bike before stopping and arresting him. Metropolitan Police arrived on the scene by 8:45 p.m. and transported the subject, who was unaffiliated with GW, to the second district station. Closed by arrest

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