The Girls of The Rocky Horror Picture Show

We’re putting the spotlight on Forbidden Planet Productions, the student theatre group gearing up for next month’s Rocky Horror Picture Show. Directors Samantha Dercher and Nicole Sweeney, along with choreographer Kate Meroski, took time off from this week’s auditions to speak with Hatchet Arts.

What you are directing:
Samantha: The Rocky Horror Picture Show, which has deflowered GW every Halloween for 15 years!

Who or what inspires you:
S: I’m inspired by my friends in student theatre at GW. I’ve seen them in so many amazing shows that challenge and change how I think about theatre.
Kate: People who are brave enough to do what they love, despite the odds or practicality.
Nicole: Sam, Ellen, and Kate.

Greatest accomplishment, so far:
N: Being a dude in last year’s production of Rocky.

Where do you see yourself in ten years:
N: Wandering aimlessly around West Africa in a hippie van.
K: Ideally, working in any facet of theatre or film production. Realistically, probably something in the justice field.
S: Back in the Marvin Center Grand Ballroom, celebrating what will then be 25 years of Rocky Horror at GW!

If you were unable to do your art anymore, what would you do:
N: I would probably just walk around campus in a corset, anyway.
K: Watch others.

What is your hidden talent:
S: I can put on lipstick with my cleavage, like Molly Ringwald’s character in “The Breakfast Club.”
K: I’m very good at clipping garter belts to stockings. That was my main job to go around doing for Rocky last year. I guess I have nimble fingers?

What can always make you smile:
S: Seeing the crowd lining up outside the theatre on opening night.

Favorite quote from Rocky:
S and K: “Don’t dream it – be it.”

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