Letter to the Editor

Elizabeth Bennet could do better

Reading the new sex column titled “Good Girl, Bad Girl: Hoping for a Balance,” (Sept. 8, p. 7) I’m not sure what offends me more. As a senior at GW, I have spent plenty of time reading the sex column and laughing along with everyone else. However, this time it truly offended me, on behalf of everyone who has ever been “the nice girl.” Bravo to this studly, virile man, who has so many girls drooling after him. There is nothing we females like more than a complete tool who jerks us around, jumping from one girl to the next, and then decides to “have [his] cake and eat it too.” I pray that “Julie” has read the column and called him out for his heinous behavior. The worst part? The author’s audacity to call himself Mr. Darcy. I can assure you that Miss Austen would never have stood for that behavior in a Darcy. After all, to properly be Mr. Darcy, the gentleman has to actually have class.
Kristen McCarthy, Senior

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