Sex Column: Guys: confidence, not cockiness is key

After a hot and sweaty summer, there is nothing more refreshing than new classes and well, let’s be honest, new love interests. I love sitting in class or at work and studiously checking out the prospects for a new year, imagining what they would do to me in bed instead of picturing economic principles. There is nothing better than finding a super hot guy in an otherwise underwhelming class or discovering that your co-workers at a grueling, unpaid internship are gorgeous. A fun, flirty and sometimes naughty work environment just makes everything better.

Despite all the pro-feminism yelling, when it comes to moving from fantasy to reality, girls still melt at a guy who has the balls to approach a girl. Guys, regardless of whether you are just starting out at GW or a senior with years of experience, you need a gameplan. And I’m not talking about wearing a shirt to all of your classes on the first day that says, “I’M SINGLE,” with your number on the back (although that could work.) There is no better attention-getter than a guy who confidently walks up to me and starts a conversation.

If you’ve noticed that cute girl across the room in biology or at that party making eyes at you, take that as her waving a sign in the air and screaming “I’M INTERESTED.” Keep it simple. Catch her as she is walking out of class or across the room with an easy question. When she answers, jump in and remember: KEEP IT SIMPLE. Example script:

Guy: “Weren’t you in human sexuality last semester?”

Girl: “No…”

Guy: “Oh, well I thought I recognized you. I’m Craig, nice to meet you.”

Girl: “Hi, I’m Ally and I’d like to jump your bones right now.”

Now that last part may not happen – if it does, you’re a lucky guy. But from this point, get to talking. You don’t necessarily have to ask for her number and how many kids she wants at this moment, or even friend her on Facebook, but next class sit next to her and ask her if she’d like to go out for coffee after class. Remember that confidence, not cockiness, is the key.

Want to meet a cute girl in a new and fun situation? Take an exercise class and offer to help her “study” outside of class – but try to not make it sound sleazy. Exercise classes are overflowing with flexible, available women who love getting hot and sweaty both in and out of the gym.

We will all probably end up at some back-to-school parties, but trust me when I say you do not need liquid courage to meet or hook up with people at them. My craziest first kiss with a guy was at a party, but there was no alcohol involved. A few semesters ago, I met this guy: we’ll call him The Pledge. He invited me to a party he was going to, which was ballsy in itself because he was a year younger than me. My friend and I went and, since we couldn’t find him, started dancing. In the middle of that darkened room, music blaring, I felt hands encircle my waist and spin me around. Next thing I knew, I was being kissed by none other than The Pledge. A totally hot makeout session on the dance floor ensued, with no alcohol needed. Just a little bit of flirtation, an accepted invite to a party, and one courageous guy.

Really, what it all comes down to, is girls love it when guys do things unexpectedly – new situation or not. Now, don’t run up to your TA and start making out with her (although that could be incredibly hot, minus the likely failing grade) but if a girl is clearly checking you out, do something about it next time! College is all about trying new things and pushing your boundaries, right? Mine wouldn’t be nearly as interesting if the guys I have met (and those I have pursued) had not taken a chance in a new situation.

The moral of the story is that it’s pretty easy to tell when a girl likes you. We love it when you make the first move, or at least strike up a conversation, and what better time to do so than the first week back when a long summer makes everything seem new again, even if you are not a freshman? Creativity can produce some pretty satisfying results, so try something new and welcome back to school!

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