A Fashionable Fall

It’s a new year, with a new dorm, new freshmen and all those new clothes you spent your summer buying. And now that it’s a new semester, you don’t want to be caught walking down H Street in last year’s trends – so take in a few tips for fall and be at the top of your fashion class.

Be sure to mix and match your own existing clothes with cheap buys and, once in a while, splurge; but as long as you make it your own, these key pieces will keep you on track. And guys, don’t feel left out. Most of these suggestions can be tuned toward the male wardrobe. Just look at the band Kings of Leon or Jared Leto to catch a glimpse of rocker chic.

The Leather Jacket. It’s back again. Light, dark, textured or smooth. Any way you have it, just rock it.

The Slouchy Bag. There is nothing better than that comfy bag you can throw over your shoulder and magically holds everything. Choose a jewel tone: navy, burgundy or a rich, dark green. Tip: use a small zippered pouch so contents do not fall to the bottom.

Detailed Jeans. Whether they are distressed and ripped through the leg, or embellished with studs or tie-dyed, just remember to keep them skinny.

Boots. Time to put away those flip-flops and choose from fall’s endless choices of sexy, rocker and glam boots. The bootie is back again – high heeled, open-toed or even flat. If you really love fashion, splurge on the over-the-knee flat boot for fall. Platform high heel boots continue to be a key look. Update them with zipper accents or edgy straps.

Leggings. Do I even need to remind you? But there is a much broader variety this season with everything from animal print to shiny lamé. Just keep it classy – not trashy – with the leggings. Think moderation.

A Feminine Piece. Balance is key, and any T-shirt, blouse or even headband with lace, ruffles, beading or a big flower will soften the rocker look.

Gloves. Something has to keep those hands warm while you’re BBMing on your way to class! This is an easy way to add glamour to any look. Ribbed knits mixed with leather, bows, or edgy fingerless is the way to go.

Sequins. Or any kind of shine. No longer just for special occasions – you can wear them in a multitude of ways. Tops, skirts or even scarves will add a bit of sexy sparkle to any look.

Military Inspired Jacket. My personal favorite for fall! The trench coat, pea coat or bandleader styles are updated with embellishments such as brass buttons, faux fur, metallic piping and a strong cut.

Fur (faux, of course).
It’s a huge trend for the fall and it comes in a variety of ways. There is the beaded cropped vest, classic fur collars on coats, or completely fur-lined jackets with hoods to keep you warm when you are walking to that dreaded class on K Street.

Have fun with Fall 2009’s hottest trends. Layer your look. Add bangles and a statement necklace (chains, large pendants, oversize geodes) and keep everything fresh. Don’t be afraid to mix and match and never lose your own sense of style. Be sure to incorporate what you already own and love with the season’s most wanted. Check out your closets and create cool new ways to bring your favorite pieces to life again. See something in our photos you like, but don’t want to spend the cash for? Take these pictures with you and go bargain hunting. Any way you decide to put it together, keep in mind it’s all about fun, without breaking the bank. Everybody and every budget can achieve this. And never forget, own your look!

All clothing and accessories, except for: leather jacket (4), bracelets (1), cognac boots (1), fur jacket (3), black flats (3,4), flower headband (3), and black clutch (3), provided by Wink 3109 M St., NW Washington, D.C. 20007 (202) 338-9465

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