GW grad, student will lead Foggy Bottom Association

Asher Corson, seen here as a senior in 2006, was recently named the new president of the Foggy Bottom Association. Hatchet file photo.
L. Asher Corson, seen here as a senior in 2006, was recently named the new president of the Foggy Bottom Association. Hatchet file photo.

A GW graduate and current GW student have taken the helm of the Foggy Bottom Association, a community group that meets monthly to inform Foggy Bottom residents of current affairs and promote the residential quality of the area.

L. Asher Corson, a 2007 graduate, currently serves as president of the association. No stranger to the community, Corson has also served as the chairman of the Advisory Neighborhood Commission 2A, and works as a communications director for D.C. Councilmember Mary Cheh (D-Ward 3).

Lev Trubkovich, a current student, was selected last week as vice president. Born in Moscow, Trubkovich immigrated to New York as a political refugee after the fall of the Soviet Union, and expects to graduate this semester after taking last spring off to get a head start on job hunting. He said he decided to take the three-year position after being asked by Corson because of an interest in politics and an appreciation for the neighborhood.

Trubkovich said that his unique position as both a member of the Foggy Bottom community and a member of the GW community will allow him to foster a better relationship between the school and its neighbors.

“I think that there’s definitely going to be a much more symbiotic relationship with the entities around us and that’s a great thing,” Trubkovich said. “I think an antagonistic relationship with anybody in the neighborhood is not progressive. I think we’re going to foster a good relationship.”

Both Corson and Trubkovich said the FBA’s biggest concern at this time is a membership drive to both increase participation and the number of members paying dues.

“Since Asher and I are both younger, and we definitely were members of the student community at GW, I think one of the biggest new things that we want to do with the FBA is get a lot of student members,” Trubkovich said. “We’re going to try to get more students involved, we’re going to try to raise our membership, we’re going to continue great things that we’ve done.”

Corson said he also hopes to use his relationships with the community and GW to further communications between the vastly different residents of Foggy Bottom.

“I do think I have a better understanding of both GW’s needs and the neighborhood’s needs, just because I can see the needs from both perspectives,” Corson said. “In the past it’s been an unhealthy, uncommunicative relationship, and I hope that we can move forward, keep the lines of communication open on both ends and further the progress in the relationship that my predecessors started.”

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