GW Dictionary

As with any university, almost every campus landmark and personality has its own nickname. The following guide will help reveal the most popular terms used by students, administrators, and other members of the GW community alike.

4-RIDE: A free shuttle service, operated by the University Police Department, which transports students around campus. Students find it useful for getting around during inclement weather and for party hopping anywhere within about five city blocks of campus. Program the number into your cell phone – 202-994-7433.

CDs and CRs: The College Democrats and College Republicans, two of the biggest and most popular student organizations on GW’s politically active campus. The groups held many campaign trips for last year’s presidential election and are known to host famous political speakers on campus. Sign up and pay your dues to receive a T-shirt and showcase your party of choice.

Club G: Gelman Library, the building many GW students have a love/hate relationship with and frequent during midterms and finals. Expect to spend many late-night hours there studying and searching for a precious outlet spot to charge your laptop.

EMeRG: GW’s student-run emergency medical service is on call 24 hours a day. While EMeRG treats all types of illness and injury, they are best known for escorting students who may have downed a few too many beers to the hospital.

Hel-Well: The Lerner Health and Wellness Center, located across the street from Ivory Tower at 23rd and G streets. Head over with your GWorld to play a game of intramural basketball, grab a burrito at Campus Fresh or wait to use the next available treadmill or elliptical machine.

Manouch: A hot dog vendor who sits outside the SMPA building until the wee hours of the night every Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Hungry students often line up to grab a soft pretzel with cheese or a hot dog with “GW Sauce” to satisfy their late-night cravings.

PB: Short for Program Board, a student organization that plans popular events such as campus concerts, Welcome Week, Fall Fest and Spring Fling. Last year, PB hosted a concert with Jason Mraz and Ben Folds and held Fountain Fling, a spring festival on the Vern headlined by the popular band Spoon.

SA: the Student Association is GW’s student government. The group allocates hundreds of thousands of dollars to student organizations and is an outlet for GW’s aspiring politicians. The SA has a long history of controversies, ranging from funding issues to sex scandals.

SmarTrip: A plastic reusable fare card for the D.C. Metro system, SmarTrip cards make traveling around the District fast and easy. Purchase a card for $5 at the Metro Center station and the District will be your oyster.

UPD: Short for University Police Department, UPD officers are responsible for keeping campus safe. Officers travel around campus in minivans, on bicycles and by foot, patrol the halls of campus buildings and residence halls multiple times a day.

The Vern: The Mount Vernon campus is accessible by a 15-minute ride on the Vern Express shuttle. It is home to GW’s athletic fields, smaller classrooms and the Eckles Library, a popular study spot when Gelman is full during midterms and finals. They sometimes serve free coffee, too.

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