J.L. Asher: Why I Gave

“I already pay GW $50,000 a year, why would I give them any more money?” This is a common response that I receive when I ask seniors about giving to our senior class gift. What most seniors don’t understand is that giving to our senior class gift is not the same as paying tuition.

Giving is a chance for seniors to give back to something that they have been involved in during their time at GW. Seniors may designate whether their gifts go to a student organization, a Greek chapter, an athletic team, student aid or an academic department. This year there are two alumni who are matching the amount of money we raise, so that our gifts go directly to the group that has been important to us while at GW, and then the alumni donations go toward the Old Man Schenley text book scholarship, which will help subsidize the cost of textbooks for students in the future.

Making a gift to the senior class gift campaign not only benefits your organization, team, chapter or school directly, it also helps students in the future, who may not be able to afford textbooks.

In addition, giving can actually help you. The percentage of students who give factors into GW’s alumni participation. By giving to the senior class gift, students raise that percentage. This may contribute to an increase in GW’s ranking in reviews such as US News and World Report. There really is no reason not to give.

Personally, I gave out of appreciation to GW. I am the oldest of three college-bound children, and receiving merit aid definitely eased my parents’ nerves. In fact, about three-fifths of the GW student population is awarded some sort of student aid. This aid is largely made possible by alumni, parents and other private donors, and being able to give back even a little bit means that I may be allowing someone else the opportunity to attend GW.

I have enjoyed my time at GW immensely and have grown so much during my four years here. I hope that many more people may be able to have the same GW experience that I did. I have also gained personal benefit from my $75 dollar gift: a one-year membership in the Luther Rice Society. The Luther Rice Society is an influential network for GW Alumni. Through the Luther Rice Society, I have had the opportunity to meet fellow alumni and attend many incredible events.

The senior class gift can benefit from any size donation, however, and any student that donates to the Senior Class Gift is invited to a number of events, including our upcoming senior bar nights. Gifts to the Senior Class Gift benefit GW, your organization, future students and yourself. So join me, and over 600 of our fellow classmates and give your gift today!

The writer, a senior majoring in history, is a member of the Senior Class Gift committee.

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