Letter to the Editor

Club sports wish list

A recent column in The Hatchet (“Increase club sport support,” March 12, p. 4) called for increased University support of club sports. As an E-board member of women’s club soccer, I have a short wish list that I think adds some specifics to this reasonable request.

First, one oversight organization would be optimal. My team has to operate under the Student Activities Center, the Student Association and Campus Recreation rules. It’s extraordinarily difficult to take advantage of all the resources each provides because they are so disjointed. Each organization also has its own financial account, causing even more headaches.

My next wish is a streamlined financial process. In the current system, the easiest way to pay for things is through a reimbursement process. Unfortunately, it takes anywhere from four to six weeks to get reimbursed, which puts many students in financial limbo. It also encourages irresponsible activity, as cash is more accessible in a private bank or out of accounts altogether.

Vans or access to the University’s vans would be another great improvement. Club sports spend exorbitant amounts of money on transportation. In this reimbursement system, that creates a pretty heavy burden on a few individuals who are responsible for renting the vans or is a fast drain on their SAC revenue account.

Club sports also lack facilities. Smith Center and Lloyd Gym renovations cut down on club sport practice time, and private sport activities on the Vern further reduced our ability to practice. While we always have the Mall, it cannot be reserved and it is in almost-dangerous playing conditions. It also does not have goals, which many sports need.

Finally, we could use respect. I think club sports should start asserting themselves and be recognized as important organizations at GW, rather than the awkward step-siblings of varsity sports.
Elizabeth Neely, Junior

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