Letter to the Editor: How to abolish the SA

How to abolish the SA

Two months ago we wrote to the editor advocating the abolishment of the SA, and we are pleased that GW students are taking up the cause at www.abolishthesa.com. We write to express our support to the Web site organizers and offer them advice.

Abolishing the SA requires a three-pronged approach. The first prong is obtaining the necessary petition signatures. The Web site is a promising start, but we encourage the creators to identify themselves, organize supporters and take a grassroots approach by getting signatures in classes, in dorms and through tabling.

Second, it’s important to recognize that students’ apathy and apprehension are the SA’s strongest assets and a high hurdle to abolishing it. Therefore, the organizers should also prepare another amendment to the SA constitution aimed at regulating certain SA conduct to give students an alternative.

Third, the organizers should apply to the SA to become a recognized student organization. This would entitle them to SA funds and ensure the perpetuity of their efforts (if not accomplished before they graduate). Additionally, this student organization could serve as de facto check or watchdog to expose SA misdeeds and reckless spending. Becoming a student organization also presents a catch-22 to the SA: Either recognize and fund the group dedicated to abolishing it or deny it status and censor the free market of ideas.

We offer words of caution. In carrying out their efforts, the organizers and their supporters should exercise deliberative judgment and not be carried away by the impulsive passions that often embody the SA. Do not become the thing you are working to abolish.
Eric Jesse and Michael Calantone, 2006 Graduates

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