It’s easy being green this spring

In honor of the arrival of spring in D.C., here are a few eco-friendly changes we can make as students.

The new yard sale:

While we may not have attics or yards at GW, we do have a lot of stuff and an endless obsession with Craigslist. suggests when cleaning out your closets this spring, think green – this time, in terms of money. Sell or trade your old stuff online or among friends instead of sending it to the landfill.

This season’s accessory:

Don’t be fooled by Starbucks’ advertising – their materials are only partially recycled. And how many students actually recycle their cups? Instead, invest in an aluminum thermos. If you can’t give up Starbucks, just give them your thermos. Not only will you keep another cup from hitting the garbage can, you’ll save the 10 cents they charge for the cup!

Also, instead of spending more than $1 every day on bottled water, replace it with a trendy aluminum water bottle. Try the colorful but safe bottles sold at the new Lululemon store in Georgetown, which cost between $16 and $18.

The old-school diet:

Many eco-friendly choices are not just good for the environment, but healthy too. Eating organic fruits and vegetables from the local Trader Joe’s will help you lose weight this spring by curbing your hunger. Or check out the local and organic choices soon to be added to J Street Café. Eating locally supports independant farmers, and organic products don’t use environmentally harmful chemicals.

Also, you can avoid spending money on taxis or gas for your car. Instead, enjoy the warm weather and walk or bike to your favorite spots in the city.

Learn more:

If you’re interested in finding the best green products and businesses in D.C., check out this site for more info on green living in Washington.

Discover Planet Green for articles on topics ranging from environmental policy to tasty recipes to travel. There are also several fun quizzes, such as “Are you an eco-sexual?”

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