Watchmen | dir. Zack Snyder | (WB)
A derivative effort on the part of Zack Snyder to convey that yes, in fact, he has read “Watchmen.” Though the two-dimensional character representations work as cartoonish forms of the novel, moments of depth from Alan Moore’s classic are stripped away onscreen. Still, props for the lack of heavy-handed Sept. 11 metaphors. -Amanda Pacitti

Cursive | Mama, I’m Swollen | (SADDLE CREEK)
Tim Kasher: You’re 34 years old. Stop it. This sounds like it was written by an 18-year-old. At least he’s not yelling at his childhood priests anymore. And the last song is kind of cool. -Alex Carusillo

Mountains | Choral | (THRILL JOCKEY)
Mountains’ music sends one into an atmospheric haze of tranquility. The thick, lavish layers of guitar, synthesizers and other sounds melt together and give the album a flowing transition from track to track. -Evan Garcia

Green River Ordinance | Out Of My Hands | (EMI)
Nothing more than a marketable tribute to mainstream alternative rock, like The Fray, John Mayer and Matchbox Twenty. Heart-wrenching vocals are evidently resultant of a middle-school breakup. Ducks quack and so does the lead singer of Green River Ordinance – a band name which reflects a sour attempt at rocking out. -Jessica Gray

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