Letter to the Editor

I hope, I truly hope and pray, that your SA endorsement’s claim that your editorial board spent 10 hours questioning potential candidates for the SA is a gross exaggeration. How could you? And more importantly why would you spend 10 hours of your time speaking with equally misguided candidates for an ineffective and unnecessary student government? Is there truly nothing else going on in this bustling University in the capitol city of the most important country on earth?

I suppose you would say that you’re keeping the student body informed. That the SA elections are important to the student body and the candidates should therefore be properly vetted. I might be tempted to agree with you if I could find five students not actively involved in the SA who believe it fulfills any function other than to stroke the egos of those elected.

The SA is unnecessary. As many students and alumni have already commented in this publication, the student body would be better served by a small board of people that distributes funds for the various organizations. However, The Hatchet continues to perpetuate the myth that the SA actually does something.

You claim that one candidate is more qualified than another. Qualified for what? Kyle Boyer has more experience in the SA. Great, he’s had more experience at accomplishing absolutely nothing. He’s had more experience wasting the student body’s time and this student’s patience. You claim that Julie Bindelglass needs to accomplish something before she can have media contacts and business cards. Unless she directs the SA to cure cancer, I see absolutely no reason for her to ever have business cards at all.

Your board claims the remaining candidates aren’t nearly as qualified as these shining stars, so I won’t bother to address them. The Hatchet purports to be an independent student publication. “Independent” should not simply reflect separation from the University, but from any organizations that do not chiefly represent the needs and wishes of the student body. The dissolution of the SA is in the best interest of GW and so long as The Hatchet perpetuates the false notion that it is necessary, it does a disservice to every student here.

Cameron Tepfer


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