Endorsement: Jason Lifton for SA executive vice president

Compared with the presidential candidate pool, the executive vice presidential line-up seems almost minuscule, but it contains two promising candidates. Both sophomore Jason Lifton and junior Louis Laverone would be capable EVPs. Still, out of the two, Lifton is the stronger candidate.

Lifton is the current vice president of community affairs, and actually has some feathers in his cap. His involvement with the St. Mary’s Thanksgiving dinner, the coat drive and the Foggy Bottom clean-up show that when Lifton is committed to a cause, he follows through.

His platform – which includes academic advising changes, acceptable dining options and more access to student space – while not unique, certainly hits the key issues. Lifton plans to look at other schools’ successful advising models as examples, in addition to a degree audit system proposal, and recognizes that the J Street problem is a union issue. The fact that his issues and SA presidential candidate Kyle Boyer’s platform align would hopefully make them an effective team – not to mention that they can bond over their shared love of Froot Loops, each candidate’s immediate answer when asked about their favorite cereal.

Lifton puts a strong emphasis on communication, and promises regular town hall meetings and an open relationship with the media, if elected. He is well-spoken, and would likely be able to manage the Senate without being overwhelmed. An added plus is Lifton’s commitment to improving Foggy Bottom resident relations, which can only help GW.

Laverone, current chair of the SA Academic Affairs Committee, is certainly experienced, but his platform raises a few questions. Most of Laverone’s ideas look really good on paper, but are more dubious when examined closer. For instance, his “Strategic Initiative” would outline the SA’s plans for the next four years. It sounds good in theory, but the odds of future administrations sticking with it are slim to none. Also, Laverone is advocating for a preview registration period, like several Ivy League schools have, but it sounds more complex than our current system and is being dropped by at least one of the Ivies.

The other concern with Laverone is that while his debate skills may be honed, his demeanor makes him more susceptible to being spoken over in Senate meetings than Lifton. Still, some of Laverone’s ideas are not only feasible, but would be widely appreciated by students. Free printing, more wireless access in dorms and being accessible to students are all on his agenda, and he should still be kept around as an idea man, even if he’s not EVP.

In case you’re wondering about Arthur Goodland, so are we. Since he did not respond to an invitation to attend an endorsement meeting, we were unable to assess his candidacy, which in all respects has been presented as a joke.

Jason Lifton is the best pick for EVP due to his demonstrated achievements and his plans to get things done. Vote for Jason Lifton for EVP 2009-2010.

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