Alcohol education is key

This post was written by senior Joe Laliberte, a Hatchet columnist.

The lead story on 60 Minutes tonight was titled “The Debate On Lowering the Drinking Age.” It referred to the group of over 100 college presidents that signed a declaration back in September stating that the 21-year-old drinking age was unenforceable and outdated. University President Steven Knapp failed to sign this petition.

Former President of Middlebury College, John McCardell, is the founder of Choose Responsibility, and was featured in the 60 Minutes story. I interviewed McCardell in October of 2007 for a column I wrote on lowering the drinking age.

“Alcohol education ranges from poor to nonexistent,” said McCardell in interview a year and a half ago. “It is the missing piece. If you were driving a car, you would never hand someone the keys and say good luck. That is how we deal with alcohol.”

Last night, my roommate and I were walking home and we walked by Thurston Hall. The sight of an EMeRG ambulance parked in front of Thurston, in what has become the vehicles’ weekend resting spot, was not surprising to either of us. Whether you agree with lowering the drinking age or not, we can all agree that there needs to be more education to facilitate a cultural shift away from binge drinking.

No one looks cool with their face resting on porcelain.

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