Finance Committee reforms allocations process

The Student Association Finance Committee, chaired by SA Sen. Julie Bindelglass (CCAS-U), is eliminating paperwork and streamlining the allocations process.

The changes – which include standardized application forms and electronic allocation requests – come after the committee conducted a survey of how other market based university student governments allocate funds.

“A marked departure from finance committees in the past, this year the Committee chose not to be complacent in simply “what works” or get bogged down in the myopia of cospons, but rather focus on leaving the financial process in better shape than when we found it – something from which future years can undoubtedly reap benefit,” said Bindelglass, a sophomore.

She added that the changes made to the process were overdue.

” It’s the 21st century, the fact that people still have to take the time to track down the [Vice President of Financial Affairs] and wait while they look for a document is poor utilization of resources available to us,” Bindelglass said.

In the past, Bindelglass said student organizations have complained about the process being confusing and hard to navigate, however she said she hopes the changes made will create an easier and more fluid process.

Bindelglass said, “The changes would put the legwork on the committee as compared to the student orgs and… help eliminate so much of the unnecessary paperwork.”

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