Secrets Revealed!

Frank Warren curates PostSecret, a project asking strangers to mail him their secrets. HatchetArts asked Warren to offer us the answer to some of life’s deepest secrets:

Success: Define it yourself.

Women: Still a secret to me, but a much deeper one now.

Fixing a copy machine: I don’t know how to fix them. But I used to take pride in being able to copy so fast I could break them.

Grilling a decent steak: Ask my wife. She is much better at using an outside grill than me.

Changing a tire: Ask my wife. No. I am kidding.

Happiness: Listening to courageous young people share their deepest secrets at PostSecret events.

Sending a letter: Sorry, I’m a postcard man.

Appreciating fine art: I actually find common art more inspirational than fine art. Henry Rollins said recently that the Ramones caused more people to believe they could start their own bands than any other group. I believe it. DIY.

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